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Pharmacy Technician Society of British Columbia

Dear PTSBC Members,

Pharmacy technicians and pharmacists work on the front line in patient care and behind the scenes to manage medication use and provide drug information, helping to build a medication system that is safe, effective, and efficient.  

At this time, it is important for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to keep themselves informed of the evolving COVID-19 situation.  We encourage you to frequently check the College of Pharmacists website for updates and changes found at:

The college has implemented exceptions such as:

  • allowing for broad latitude on pharmacist decisions with respect to emergency supplies to patients;
  • permitting pharmacists to dispense drugs included in the controlled prescription program upon receiving a verbal order from a practitioner;
  • permitting pharmacy employees in BC to deliver prescriptions of controlled substances on behalf of a pharmacist (excluding opioid agonist treatment) to patients at their homes or alternate locations; 
  • pharmacists are also able to transfer a prescription for drugs referred to on the Controlled Prescription Drug List.

In addition, the College Board has also granted Professional Development and Assessment Program (PDAP) exemptions for the remainder of 2020 registrant renewal deadlines (March 2020 to December 2020). 

These exceptions allow for pharmacy professionals to meet the increased needs of the public. 

It is also important to acknowledge, there are several things pharmacy technicians can do to help support each other and our pharmacist colleagues.  

Pharmacy technicians are already experiencing the rise in demands for filling, completing final product checks and doing best possible medication history in the emergency departments to meet the increased patient needs.  As pharmacies continue to provide increased patient care services, it is time for pharmacy technicians to support any and all operational duties within our scope.

We acknowledge pharmacy technicians are under much stress as they meet the enhanced demands while working in environments with potential for high-risk exposures.   That being said, we encourage pharmacy technicians to work to full scope where possible.  The NAPRA Pharmacy Technician Scope of Practice in Canadian Jurisdictions document is attached to help you have those conversations with your management team and ensure we utilize our knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve the system and provide positive patient health outcomes.


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