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Jurisprudence Exam Modernization

Seeking Input from Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

The College of Pharmacists of BC is inviting pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to help modernize the Jurisprudence Examination (JE) by providing input through a series of workshops. 

Based on legislation contained in federal and provincial acts, the JE is designed to assess registrants’ knowledge of and ability to interpret and apply this legislation, including the code of ethics, as a requirement for registration as a pharmacy professional in BC.  

The JE is a vital step in the entry-to-practice process, ensuring prospective pharmacists and pharmacy technicians understand their responsibilities to patients and the public under the relevant legislation. 

This is a unique and exciting opportunity to contribute to the pharmacy profession and be involved in modernizing the JE in British Columbia!

Registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are invited to participate in one or more of the following virtual workshops:

·    Blueprinting – develop the blueprint for the JE which will inform the development of exam items and forms. This workshop will be split into two parts – the first part will determine the test specifications document (the areas of pharmacy practice that are critical to test) and the second part will determine the final content areas to be tested on the exam and their relative weighting. By volunteering for this group, you may be involved in one or both parts. 

·    Item writing – develop new JE questions based on specific content areas for the exam.

·    Item review – review JE questions to ensure they reflect entry-level practice of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

·    Form review – develop exam forms for the JE based on the new blueprint. 

·    Standard-setting – establish and validate the minimum passing score.

To be considered for participation, you must be a Full Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician who:

·    Has been registered with the College and practising for at least two years and is in good standing,

·    Works with new pharmacists and/or pharmacy technicians in one or more of the following practice settings: 

·    Community Pharmacy

·    Hospital Pharmacy 

·    Residential Care Facilities and Homes.

·    Is familiar with federal and provincial professional competencies for pharmacists and/or pharmacy technicians at entry-to-practice. 

In addition, you will need to…

·    Have secure internet access, a computer, a web camera and microphone, in order to work remotely.

·    Be able to attend all virtual meetings within a workshop. Each workshop may have anywhere between 2 – 4 meetings. Meetings may occur on weekends or in the evening depending on availability and each meeting may last up to 4 hours. 

·    Tentative Workshop Dates: 

·    Blueprinting – May 2021 

·    Item writing – July 2021 (must be able to commit time during this month for two remote training sessions and item writing over a specified amount of time)  

·    Item review – August 2021  

·    Form review – September 2021  

·    Standard-setting – March 2022  

Meeting dates will be confirmed one month prior. You may be asked to review or complete preliminary work prior to any meetings.

Will I be compensated for my time?

You will receive an honorarium for your time at meetings as well as meeting preparation time. 

More information can also be found here: 



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