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QUESTION: If I am employed as a pharmacy assistant even though I am regulated, how would the practice review apply to me?

ANSWER: All registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians need to be reviewed at least once every 6 years. If you hold a licence with the College, you will undergo a review when the pharmacy you work at is selected – regardless if you are in an assistant position. This means that pharmacy technicians in assistant positions will still be reviewed.

 The focus areas for pharmacy technicians are:

  • Patient ID
  • Product Distribution
  • Collaboration and
  • Documentation

The requirements for the focus areas will be posted on the CPBC website soon. If the compliance officer cannot observe these requirements they will ask you to recall previous work or describe the process by recalling the legislation and standard

QUESTION: Does the review become a part of your permanent record as a registrant? Like a report card? Or is it like completion pass/fail?

ANSWER: Yes, it remains on your file.

QUESTION: Will the practice review look at the pharmacy expectations of a technician as well as the technicians competence?

ANSWER: Yes, the Practice review program focus areas consist of legislated requirements that all College registrants are expected to know and be in compliance with. Currently the college assesses process and compliance with legislated requirements.

QUESTION: Pointedly about product distribution for technicians that work in non-community and non-hospital settings, how do you determine the criteria for a practice review?

ANSWER: Currently, the practice review program is implemented for community and hospital practice settings. We would need more information on the practice setting to determine.

QUESTION: If you work at more than one pharmacy setting (e.g. office as well as a dispensary), do you need to undergo the review twice, once for each workplace?

ANSWER: No, you will be reviewed once.

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